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15 Minutes with Dave Goodrich
Where music is life
Ready to bring more life to your music…and more music to your life?

I’m Dave Goodrich, a performing singer/songwriter/producer, and personal music coach. My life is an adventure in song and sound, and I am excited to share what I collect along the way. From the beginning, I’ve always had a deep love for music, and I‘ve spent my life creating and perfecting my lifestyle to surround it.

Join me as we discover new ways to live a richer, more satisfying lifestyle in music.

We’ll dive into action-provoking interviews with expert music creators and influencers, and we’ll discover new tools, techniques, trends, and tips that will make life in music better for both pros and aspiring pros. We’ll explore lifestyles and communities that will bring out the best notes from the song that you are.

Along with our main content, we’ll have special series like Music & Performance, Music & Health, and Music & Money.

I have a lifetime of experience and the will to keep learning. Together we can take your musical lifestyle to the next level!

Let’s go…where music is life!

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Dave Goodrich

Dave Goodrich is a singer/songwriter/producer/recording artist and music coach. His original recordings have woven their waves across six continents into more than 100 television shows—including those produced by Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, and Red Bull Media House—and have received airplay on commercial, college, and internet radio stations. A music industry veteran, Dave coaches musicians as he continues to record and perform live in the Virginia countryside. He and his wife Sandra recently co-founded Power Song Tribe™, a songwriting adventure company inspired by their love of exploring the great unknown in search of a song.